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Male Erotic Audio Creator InMyHands Talks Personal Sexual Discovery, Changing Lives & Staying Tingly

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Male erotic audio creator Ben, known for his “dangerous voice” and trademark tagline “Stay Tingly!”, has been producing dominant male audio for women on Literotica since 2016.

Best known for his dominant male fantasies created for women, InMyHands (Ben) has published hundreds of adult audio stories on Literotica since 2016. In this episode of the Literotica Podcast, Ben sat down with us to share his journey of personal sexual discovery – from mainstream musician to voiceover artist to dominant male erotica audio creator. In the interview, he also talked to us about his experiences on Vanilla Audio, Literotica, and Reddit; his tips for aspiring erotic audio producers; what he does for fun when he’s not creating audio; how the sexual wellness of his listeners continues to inspire him; and much more.

InMyHands official links and social media:

Ben on Twitter
Ben on Literotica
Ben on Vanilla Audio
Ben on Reddit
Ben on YouTube
Ben on Patreon
Ben on Art Of Where

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