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Female Erotica Creator LushInLace on Porn vs Audio Sex, Orgasms & Finding Your Niche

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LushInLace is a prolific female erotic audio creator known for a sex positive attitude, a close relationship with her fans, and the popular “Better Than Your Wife” audio fantasy series.

LushInLace – also known as Lacey – has been publishing original erotic audio stories on Literotica, Gone Wild Audio, and other platforms for over five years. Her prolific publishing schedule has driven her to the creation nearly 1,000 erotic audio fantasies. LuhsInLace is known for a diverse taste in kinks, and her wife fantasies (including the long running “Better Than Your Wife” series) have become Literotica listener favorites. LushInLace has also branched out into longer form audio debates, experimented with collaborations, and continues to expand her empire with a goal of helping everyone enjoy orgasms and creating a world where people can talk more freely about sex.

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